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“Endicia is so easy to use, and the problems and delays we had with errors when using the manual system, plus all of the customer calls to inquire if orders had shipped, have virtually evaporated.”

Richard Backer

President and CEO of logo
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Designed as a Yahoo! Store, began selling shoes and sandals in sizes ranging from women’s size 5 to men’s size 17 in all width sizes, including the widest options that department stores typically do not stock, along with accessories like specialty socks and insoles. The site immediately experienced strong demand for these hard-to-find products, and Backer quickly outgrew the garage space he had designated for inventory storage and other business operations. With the majority of square footage in his five-bedroom home dedicated to, Backer decided to upgrade to a small warehouse, and with that, a more efficient order management and shipping process. Once the company aligned with 4Psite, which provides cloud base order management software and an integrated shipping module, he focused on determining the best shipping method.

Endicia’s Solution

The Endicia API uses is integrated with 4Psite’s ecommerce software. Once an order is received through the 4PsiteLink system, a warehouse assistant can view a list of USPS shipping options by weight next to a list of private carrier shipping options. If USPS offers the lowest cost, Endicia technology automatically verifies the address and generates the label without any customer information re-entry. Additionally, Endicia seamlessly sends an email notifying customers that their package is on the way and supplies the tracking number. More than 75 percent of’s 75-90 daily warehouse orders are shipped through the Postal Service using Priority Mail® Flat Rate Boxes or the First-Class Package Service™. Shipping cost is always the deciding factor, and the cost savings help meet customer expectations set by large ecommerce shoe vendors offering free shipping.

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