Jett’s Toy Hutt Sustains “Top Seller” Status on EBay and Amazon with Endicia

“Endicia’s direct marketplace integration is vital to our business. Being able to import orders from Amazon and eBay and post-back tracking information easily saves us one to two hours of work every day.”

Bob Breedlove

Owner, Jett’s Toy Hutt

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Toy Hutt’s Shipping Need 

Bob Breedlove discovered his passion for action figures at the age of 13 after purchasing his first Star Wars figurine from a local toy shop in Charleston, West Virginia. Since then, his entrepreneurial journey has led him to create several successful businesses including the first Internet café in Anchorage, Alaska.

A self-professed “pop culture nut,” Bob caught the eBay bug in 1998 when he started selling comic books online. He soon branched out into action figures and converted his West Virginia home into a makeshift warehouse. In 2008, Jett’s Toy Hutt was officially born, celebrating all-things Star Wars, sci-fi and pop culture.

But Bob soon realized he needed help with his shipping. With the majority of sales coming from Amazon and eBay, Bob required a shipping solution that could easily import orders from online marketplaces and post-back tracking data to his vendor profiles — all while scaling with rapid business growth.

Endicia’s Solution

ChewbacaBob found his answer in Endicia, which allows Bob to effortlessly import orders from Amazon and eBay through its direct marketplace integration.

With Endicia, Bob can connect his Web stores, create shipping labels and post-back tracking information automatically, so Jett’s Toy Hutt can easily meet Amazon and eBay’s shipping confirmation requirements. Marketplace integration also eliminates the need to copy and paste data like addresses and tracking numbers, reducing manual error and saving Bob one to two hours of work every day.

Beyond marketplace integration, Bob also benefits from Endicia’s scalability, which enables Jett’s Toy Hutt to keep up with a 500 percent increase in shipments every holiday season. He also relies on Endicia to ship globally to Star Wars fans in the UK, Australia and Canada.

In Bob’s own words: “Endicia allows us to manage and fulfill orders through a central shipping platform — which is good news for us and great news for die-hard toy collectors. It’s a relief to know we can give our customers fast and efficient service — whether they’re shopping on Amazon, eBay or through our own website.”


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