Julian Bakery Gets a Taste for Seamless Shipping and Order Fulfillment with Endicia and OzLINK

“With Endicia and OzLINK’s automated services, we’ve been able to go from an operations team of five or six to just one person, leaving the rest of the team free to make healthy gluten and grain-free products for our customers.”

Heath Squier

Julian Bakery CEO

“Our partnership with Endicia allows us to offer online sellers an easy way to create USPS shipping labels. Endicia’s leadership and postal innovations guarantee we’re providing our customers with top-notch shipping solutions.”

Brian Hodgson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Oz Development

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Julian Bakery’s Shipping Need 

As a passionate nutritionist and baking visionary, Barbara Squier started Julian Bakery with her husband Fred in 1990, selling organic, whole wheat bread out of their home in Julian, California. The duo quickly moved to a small, local bakery and began developing a range of unique gluten and grain-free products. As their product offerings expanded, so did their business — launching Julian Bakery in La Jolla, California in 1994.

Inheriting an insatiable curiosity for health food, their son Heath Squier joined Julian Bakery in 2009, eventually assuming the role of CEO. When he started, he noticed there was a staff of five to six people responsible for the painstaking task of manually entering addresses and order information for every online purchase. Heath sought a solution that would automate much of the process, scale to meet growing demand and save his team time and money.

Endicia and OzLINK’s Solution

In his quest to streamline order management, Heath found OzLINK, a pre-built fulfillment solution that ties together multiple ecommerce, accounting and shipping applications. He adopted the cloud-based solution and — through OzLINK’s partnership with Endicia — ultimately signed up for Endicia, as well.

Julian Bakery can now pick, pack and ship off orders much faster with OzLINK and Endicia — lifting much of the time-consuming burden off the shoulders of the operations team. Here’s how it works —

OzLINK collects information from Julian Bakery’s different channels, such as Amazon and QuickBooks Point of Sale, while Endicia’s software effortlessly creates shipping labels for each package. Now, one employee can fill orders in just a few hours per week, allowing the rest of the staff to focus their time on what they do best — making tasty foods from the best-quality, healthy ingredients.

Heath appreciates how Endicia and OzLINK’s services scale to meet Julian Bakery’s growing needs. Since he joined the team, the company has seen 100 percent year-over-year growth. With Endicia and OzLINK, the entire fulfillment process is automated, so the team can effortlessly pack and ship 1,000-1,500 packages per week via USPS.

Additionally, Endicia and OzLINK’s scalability accommodates the 40 percent spike in orders typical of “diet season” — when New Year’s resolutions are in full swing between January and April.

Julian Bakery relies on USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, because the highly perishable goods arrive at their destination within 1-3 business days.

“Since our products don’t have any preservatives, it’s mission-critical that the bread gets there on time,” said Julian Bakery CEO Heath Squier, “We have more products now than ever before, and Endicia and OzLINK help us save time and money no matter how many orders come in.”

The Partnership: Endicia and OzLINK

Founded in a warehouse in Westborough, MA, OzLINK offers internet retailers a better way to integrate and extend multiple order management applications. With OzLINK, users compile information from up to 25 different applications, like QuickBooks, NetSuite, FinancialForce.com, Magento, Amazon and eBay, to create a streamlined order management process.

OzLINK’s connection to Endicia spans decades — Endicia’s co-founder went to college with OzLINK’s founder. So when seeking a convenient USPS shipping label server, OzLINK’s team immediately turned to Endicia.

Endicia’s relationship with the USPS, and its reputation for providing innovative postage solutions, help OzLINK’s customers get packages out the door quickly.

Plus, OzLINK allows businesses to implement rules that expedite the shipping process, such as picking boxes automatically based on an order. That way, as businesses continue to expand to additional channels, they can easily keep up with more orders.

“Our friends at Endicia live and breathe USPS shipping,” said Brian Hodgson, vice president of sales and marketing for Oz Development, “This partnership has allowed us to feel confident that we’re providing our customers with the best USPS options available and an easy shipping label solution.”

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