Endicia Helps Myself Belts Double Its International Sales

“Our international shipping has doubled in 2013, and we see a seasonal trend of 600 percent increase in purchases each back-to-school season. With Endicia’s user-friendly support and reliability, I am confident that Myself Belts can continue to fulfill increasing demands for our product.”

Talia Bahr Goldfarb

CEO and Co-Founder of Myself Belts

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Myself Belts

Myself Belts’ Shipping Need

Prompted by the difficulties of potty training her then two-year-old son, Talia and her sister, Danielle Bahr Eason teamed up to create Myself Belts — a company specializing in easy-to-fasten belts. Launched in September 2004, Myself Belts sells belts for both children and adults that promote independence and boost self-esteem through its patented one handed belt closure. In looking for a shipping solution, Talia needed an easy-to-use, versatile shipping service that could offer peace-of-mind throughout their company’s growth. With its large seasonal increases, Myself Belts sought a solution that would be reliable, intuitive, and adaptive during every stage of their business.

Endicia's Solution

Myself Belts found their shipping solace in Endicia.

With Endicia’s help, Myself Belts can easily accommodate its average shipment of 10-50 packages a day, plus its annual increase of 600 percent during the back-to-school season. Additionally, Endicia provides Myself Belts with the services necessary to accomplish its most recent goal — to expand internationally. Myself Belts has doubled its global business in 2013 and Endicia has helped ease the complexity of international shipping with services such as integrated and automated customs forms, address verification and International Mail Advisor.

Beyond providing access to the lowest possible USPS rates and the efficiency of Endicia’s solutions, Myself Belts has found an ally in Endicia’s dependability and customer service. As Talia Goldfarb, CEO and Co-Founder explains, “Endicia’s services are so instinctive that I know my products will be tracked and shipped efficiently, and any problems will be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.” Endicia’s commitment to maintaining easy-to-use, up-to-date services has made it easy for Myself Belts to increase the self-esteem and happiness of children and their parents worldwide.

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