Nebraska Book Company Manages the Fulfillment of Thousands of Orders Each Year

“Endicia offers compatibility with our other systems, great customer service, and a willingness to meet the changing needs of Nebraska Book Company.”

Adam Choate

Systems Coordinator for Nebraska Book Company

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Nebraska Book Company

Nebraska Book Company’s Need

Nebraska Book Company is a leader in the college bookstore industry, operating over 260 college bookstores across the country. Nebraska Book Company has a unique business model of online selling through multi-site fulfillment. Customers place orders online with Nebraska Book Company, and fulfillment occurs through nearly 150 different college bookstores. Therefore, Nebraska Book Company needed a shipping solution that could easily integrate into its current fulfillment system and be used by multiple locations.

Endicia’s Solution

Endicia is the preferred shipping software and partner for all participating Nebraska Book Company bookstores. Endicia software is integrated into the company’s online order fulfillment systems to specifically meet the needs of participating stores.

Nebraska Book Company's partnership with Endicia has made order fulfillment a seamless process. Address information is inputed into Endicia, which automatically prepares a label with the verified address, postage, and USPS Tracking (formerly Delivery Confirmation) barcode. Each label is printed on a thermal printer, and packages are collected by a postal carrier right at the store, thanks to free Package Pickup.

Perhaps Nebraska Book Company’s most significant savings with using Endicia are time and productivity. The quick processing provides smooth flow when volume is significant and prevents any downtime. It also offers the benefit of one-click shipment processing, opposed to continually entering complete mailing information. Adam estimates that Endicia saves the company 1000s in labor hours per year.

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