Neon Husky Gets Things Done with Endicia

“I recommend Endicia to my colleagues. Endicia works so well that the Post Office and Postal carriers have no questions about Neon Husky's shipments.”

Jim Dorman

Founder of Neon Husky

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Neon Husky

Neon Husky’s Need

Inspired by a vision borne from failing eyesight, Jim Dorman founded Neon Husky in 2000. True to the "infinite possibilities" part of its tagline, Neon Husky supplies an array of props that lets the visually impaired and fully sighted find enjoyment in many ways.

Neon Husky has grown into a robust business, receiving inquiries from around the world and shipping products to every continent, even Antarctica. On a typical day, it averages about 3-4 orders. In December 2006, it averaged 5-15 orders per day. All the orders ship via the U.S. Postal Service®. Neon Husky needed a shipping solution to help them ensure every shipment was delivered successfully.

Endicia’s Solution

Neon Husky has been an Endicia customer since June 2004. Endicia easily fulfills Neon Husky's need for postal confirmation with a bulk acceptance scan of the day's shipments, which puts customers at ease and lets shippers provide better customer service while reducing or even eliminating time-consuming customer shipping inquiries.

Neon Husky also uses Endicia's Stealth (hidden) Postage feature, customizable email notification, and pre-filled customs forms. Stealth Postage allows Neon Husky to hide the postage amount and charge a fair shipping and handling fee without angering customers. Customizable email notification alerts its customers that their orders are on their way, improving customer service and decreasing call volume. Complete, pre-filled customs forms eliminated the need for manual completion, saving time and increasing accuracy.

For international shipments valued over $100 and domestic shipments valued over $200, Neon Husky uses Endicia Parcel Insurance because there is no paperwork to apply the insurance and it costs less than USPS® insurance.

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