Outreach Reaches Out with the U.S. Postal Service®

“Endicia has effectively doubled our mail processing efficiency. And they have saved us thousands of dollars in costs since we’ve practically eliminated the need to pay overtime wages.”

Dee-Dee Hartland

Supervisor of Mail Services for Outreach, Inc.

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Outreach’s Need

Outreach, Inc., a San Diego-based provider of communications products and services to churches, offers a variety of cost-effective and proven communication methods: Books, movies, banners, bulletin covers, campaign materials, and more. However, on its best days, Outreach could only process about 30 trays of PMOD mail per hour—too slow during busy seasons when time-sensitive mailings ran the risk of delays that could threaten the company’s reputation with clients. The labor-intensive process also proved to be expensive for Outreach as harried employees accrued overtime hours while working to meet tight deadlines around busy times, like Christmas Eve.

Endicia’s Solution

Seeking a quicker and more efficient high-volume direct mail solution, Hartland contacted Endicia on the suggestion of a U.S. Postal Service® representative. Almost immediately after converting the company’s mailing system to the Endicia software, Hartland noticed significant improvements in the Outreach order fulfillment process—the company can now process almost 61 mail trays per hour, a 100% increase over its previous rate.

Using Endicia’s software, Hartland and her team are now guided quickly and easily through the presorting process. Not only can address lists be validated online and personalized postage included as needed, but critical PMOD-required postage forms are automatically pre-filled. Everything from forms and postage to receipts and reports is printed from a PC or Mac—no special equipment is required. The Endicia software also supports many sizes and types of labels, envelopes, and postcards, so Outreach can continue to offer and produce highly customized direct mail orders, while staying in compliance with all postal regulations.

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