PALCO Streamlines its Shipping of Repaired Cell Phones

“No more costly meter, trips to the post office, and retail rate for USPS Tracking — Endicia has done all that for us and more.”

Randy Piechocki

President of PALCO

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PALCO’s Need

PALCO, a privately held company and a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE), is a turn-key technology service company providing reliable supply chain service solutions supporting logistics, specialized manufacturing, and prototype builds, testing, repair, rework, and equipment configuration and integration. PALCO serves a diverse customer base, including in telecommunications (both data and voice network products), specialized military products, and consumer electronics. PALCO needed a shipping solution that would streamline its shipping of repaired cell phones to end users.

Endicia’s Solution

Using Endicia software on a PC connected to an integrated scale (Endicia’s ES2500U) and a Zebra label printer, a PALCO worker is able to generate, print, and affix complete, postage-paid shipping labels to packages. From a packing/shipping station, a PALCO worker scans a barcode containing a unique identifier for each unit. Endicia’s software retrieves the shipping information and automatically performs a ZIP + 4 address verification. Upon entry of weight and selection of USPS Tracking (formerly Delivery Confirmation), the postage amount displays on the computer screen. After pressing "Print", the label prints within seconds. The worker is then ready for the next order.

PALCO also uses Endicia software to input the weight, time, USPS Tracking number, and other data to its database, a Microsoft SQL server. By running .net and database applications alongside Endicia software, some information retrieved via the barcode scan is used in letters and in warranty statuses.

PALCO finds using an identifier and scan to retrieve information, plus the validating and correcting of addresses, particularly helpful. Not only does address verification decrease the volume of undeliverable shipments, but it also saves PALCO the postage to reship returned shipments and improved customer service. PALCO saves further with electronic USPS Tracking. Endicia also eliminated trips to the post office to save additional time and money. Moreover, Endicia reduced the amount of labels that PALCO uses, since Endicia provides an integrated label layout that combines postage, addresses, and USPS Tracking in one. Lastly, with Endicia’s functionality being truly inherent, PALCO does not need to train its staff on how to use the software.

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