Restore Health Ships Prescriptions to Consumers Quickly

“We owed it to our customers to improve our system. And with Endicia’s help, we did.”

Jack Hoefer

Shipping Manager for Restore Health

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Restore Health’s Need

Restore Health is the first pharmacy in America to specialize in women’s health and bio-identical hormone replacement therapies and is the leader in personalized health care. Restore is also the first provider to deliver real-time vertical integration of advanced bio-diagnostic laboratory services, custom pharmaceutical solutions, and expert clinical support services, providing a complete solution for doctors and patients seeking managed, standard-of-care hormone replacement therapies and other personalized healthcare solutions. The Restore solution is currently delivered by over 2,500 of the nation's foremost physicians and medical practitioners to support customized therapy tailored specifically to the individual patient’s needs while providing expert clinical and diagnostic support to the physician.

In the early days of Restore, the company used a standalone shipping system that was not integrated with its other databases. Thus, each order was processed manually, using a scale and postage meter, and placed into wooden cubby holes while awaiting delivery to the post office. While adequate, the shipping process was slow, vulnerable to errors, and expensive given the number of man-hours required to handle standard shipments and to research problems or returns. But as the product line and quantity of orders grew, so did Restore’s need for a more efficient processing and shipping system.

Endicia’s Solution

At the recommendation of a U.S. Postal Service® representative, Restore explored the use of Internet-based postage systems and selected Endicia as its provider.

Endicia software includes a number of features designed to save users time and money while improving shipping quality and accuracy. Restore frequently uses features like address verification, USPS Tracking (formerly Delivery Confirmation) service, online package tracking, pre-paid return labels, and insurance for expensive prescriptions.

Restore also appreciates Endicia’s ability to integrate with its customer database and specialized pharmaceutical order management software, which saves considerable time and virtually eliminates double-entry and errors in addresses or other vital customer information.

Restore Health estimates that Endicia’s elimination of the need to create separate or duplicate labels has cut its annual label purchasing expenses in half, a savings of almost $10,000. Moreover, the time required to process each order—typically around 45 seconds—is up to 50% less than the time required using the previous manual system. Also, since orders processed with Endicia are picked up by the U.S. Postal Service® from Restore’s facility, it saves even more time by eliminating trips to the post office.

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