Sunglasses Internationale Gets Rid of Private Carrier Surcharges

“I'm always researching, trying to find a better way to do business.”

Paul Primeaux

Owner at Sunglasses Internationale

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Sunglasses Internationale’s Need

When Primeaux began his online business, he primarily used private carriers to ship the dozens of brands of sunglasses he sold from his Florida home. However, more and more he thought he was seeing double when he looked at the surcharges, or “junk fees” as he called them, that the private carriers were billing him at the end of each month.

Endicia’s Solution

In 2005, Sunglasses Internationale found Endicia while searching the Internet for less costly and more efficient shipping options. When Primeaux considered that most of his product shipments weighed under one pound and when he compared costs, using Endicia and the U.S. Postal Service® made perfect business sense to him. He investigated Endicia’s online postage options further and became very excited at the ability to print both shipping labels and postage right from his company’s computer. Endicia also allowed him to print labels in a variety of options and delivery methods.

In the last three years, Sunglasses Internationale has done a complete about-face and now uses online postage to ship 85% of its products. Sunglasses Internationale chose Endicia because of its versatility. With Endicia, the company can process shipments one order at a time or in a batch and can get lower USPS® rates—both domestic or international—many of which are only available for online postage users. In addition, Endicia allows Primeaux to synch his orders directly from his customer database and print shipping labels with discounted parcel insurance and electronic USPS Tracking (formerly Delivery Confirmation).

On days with large amounts of orders going out the door, Sunglasses Internationale has the option of calling the post office and providing a bulk SCAN when a postal carrier comes to pick up the orders, rather than taking outgoing orders to the Post Office.

Among the other factors Sunglasses Internationale liked about Endicia when first trying the software solutions was that there were no minimum requirements, no certification, and no lengthy setup.

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