The Giant Peach Brings Local Music to International Audiences with Endicia Professional

“Endicia’s automated services allow us to ship internationally by resolving the time-consuming drawbacks and challenges associated with customs forms.”

Karen Dere

The Giant Peach Founder

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The Giant Peach’s Shipping Needs

Online apparel store The Giant Peach was born out of a passion for hip-hop and a fierce loyalty to the Bay Area music scene. Karen Dere, The Giant Peach’s founder, works to relieve up-and-coming local artists from the time-intensive task of creating branded merchandise — allowing them to focus on what’s most important: their music. Dere’s extensive knowledge of the music industry is the force behind The Giant Peach’s eruptive domestic success, growing a steady 20 percent in its early years.

But following this growth, Dere sought new opportunities for her business. With her sights set on the international market, she needed a solution that would allow her to ship effortlessly across the globe, identify the most cost-effective package requirements and automate much of the shipping process.

Endicia’s Solution

Dere discovered Endicia’s services after receiving a package with a clean, crisp Endicia label on the front. This prompted her to download Endicia software and put it to work for The Giant Peach.

Endicia supported The Giant Peach in realizing its international dreams by selecting and pre-filling the appropriate customs forms for each package — effectively removing the guesswork from the global shipping process. Additionally, Endicia’s International Mail Advisor feature alerts Dere to global shipping bans, package requirements and delivery standards by mail class, allowing her to make informed and confident shipping decisions. Today, 25 percent of The Giant Peach’s orders ship to international locations.

Dere also appreciates Endicia’s functionality — especially its ability to identify the best-value shipping service for each package. The Giant Peach now ships 80 percent of its orders via the USPS, mainly using Priority Mail, First Class, First Class International and Priority Mail Express International.

Endicia’s automated services have provided relief in accommodating The Giant Peach’s seasonal influxes. Endicia scales to meet the fluctuating daily increase of anywhere between 25 and 100 shipments, ensuring that all labels and forms are prepared in a timely manner.

“All of our orders — be they international or domestic — are fulfilled through Endicia’s automated software, allowing me to feel confident our shipping program can handle order influxes,“ said Dere “I’ve increasingly relied on Endicia to make the entire shipping process simple, so I can continue following my passion: serving the local artist community.”

With Endicia’s services helping to ease package fulfillment, each new order for The Giant Peach is music to Dere’s ears.

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