Endicia Helps The Purple Store Bring Its Passion for Purple Worldwide

“One of the biggest challenges of running a small business is finding affordable solutions that keep up with your growth. Endicia got us off the ground when we were shipping a handful of packages in the early days, and has scaled nicely to accommodate our global expansion.”

Adam Sheridan

Founder, The Purple Store

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The Purple Store

The Purple Store’s Shipping Need

The Purple Store exists for one reason and one reason only: to satisfy the needs of purple-lovers everywhere.

The retail venture — which was born out of a clever idea at a party — offers everything from men’s shirts to shower caps to tea kettles in a vibrant array of purple hues.

The brainchild of Adam Sheridan, The Purple Store has grown to accommodate more than 800 products; it has even expanded in recent years to a physical showroom at its headquarters in Seattle.

But as business began to grow (and before it shot to fame with a viral Facebook post), Adam saw that the way he was shipping just wasn’t sustainable. He needed a solution that would eliminate his trips to the Post Office. More importantly, he needed software that could operate natively on his Mac computer and offer international shipping capabilities.

Endicia’s Solution

Adam discovered a solution in Endicia. Endicia software pre-fills order shipment details such as address, weight and postage type, saving The Purple Store a tremendous amount of time in preparing shipping labels.

With Endicia in place, Adam can streamline his shipping process and eliminate hour-long trips to the Post Office. That means more time spent scoping out new products with “just the right” shades of purple.

The Purple Store especially appreciates Endicia’s international capabilities. With 15 percent of its revenue generated from global markets, Endicia allows it to prefill customs forms, check country bans and calculate international tariffs with ease.

But the true test came when a particularly purple Facebook post went viral.

With posts that generally reach 3,000 — 15,000 readers, The Purple Store’s “We Love Purple — Pass it on” reached an astounding 720,000+ viewers. Orders began flying in from around the world (with a special concentration of purple fans in Australia).

Endicia’s software met the order influx without a hitch, allowing Adam to focus on delivering a superb purple experience with every package posted.

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