San Francisco Customers Benefit from Same-day Shipping with USPS® Metro Post and Endicia

“Here at Waterfield Designs, our high regard for quality has led to immensely satisfied, loyal customers. Metro Post and Endicia allow us to further increase satisfaction by offering customer centric shipping options, while preserving our own peace of mind as each box leaves the store.”

Gary Waterfield

Owner of Waterfield Designs

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Waterfield Designs cargo bag

Waterfield Designs’ Shipping Needs

From self-locking zippers to non-slip shoulder strap pads, Waterfield Designs delivers high-quality features for its backpacks, bags and laptop cases. With a focus on enduring, attractive products, this San Francisco-based company goes above and beyond to create an ideal purchasing experience for every customer. The company also prides itself in offering the latest luxury options — and this doesn’t overlook shipping.

Hearing about the most recent trend in same-day shipping, owner Gary Waterfield knew he wanted to provide his local customers with a service that could further increase satisfaction. He sought a same-day shipping solution with knowledge of delivery routes, the ability to meet package deadlines, and intuitive software services.

The Endicia and USPS Metro Post Solution

Gary’s solution is Endicia and the U.S. Postal Service’s Metro Post BETA program, a service available to San Francisco businesses interested in offering same-day shipping. With cutting-edge software technology, Endicia ensures Waterfield Designs’ packages arrive at their destinations on-time and effortlessly, automatically sending pick-up notifications to the Postal Service as soon as a shipping label is printed.

The cost of the same-day service is extremely cost effective, and for every order placed before 2pm, Waterfield’s San Francisco-based customers can expect delivery before 8pm.

Endicia’s software, coupled with the Postal Service’s delivery expertise, ensures that each and every package will arrive on time and at the correct address — despite San Francisco’s tricky building layouts and circuitous apartment complexes.

“As a trusted partner of the United States Postal Service, Endicia’s simple, tech-savvy software effortlessly accommodates our same-day shipping service, allowing businesses like Waterfield Designs to give customers the instant gratification they need,” said the USPS Manager for Emerging Technologies.

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