Endicia Helps Wearable Planter Keep Up with Blooming Business and Viral Popularity

“When a Tumblr post went viral with more than 10,000 reposts, Endicia’s automated shipping services helped me effortlessly meet the influx of orders.”

Colleen Jordan

Owner of Wearable Planter

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Wearable Planter 3-D printed jewelry

Wearable Planter’s Shipping Need

With one more credit needed to graduate from Georgia Tech, Colleen Jordan decided to pursue an independent art project, diving headfirst into her passion for industrial design. Defying doubts and criticism from her professor, Colleen began making wearable planters — 3-D printed jewelry to showcase live flowers and buds. She submitted her jewelry to art shows, sold pieces on Etsy and found a niche audience her professor didn’t think existed.

As business bloomed, the newly formed Wearable Planter continued to expand its presence online. Colleen created a company website and began selling through retailers like Urban Outfitters and Uncommon Goods. Yet, with each incoming order, Colleen was manually entering information to create a package shipping label. Colleen realized she needed a solution that would streamline the shipping process, meet unexpected spikes in sales and support Wearable Planter’s growth.

Endicia’s Solution

Colleen discovered Endicia and found the service easy-to-use and a major time-saver for printing USPS shipping labels. With Endicia, Colleen can create shipping labels straight from her desktop and has access to USPS Commercial Base Pricing, which keeps costs low and adds to her bottom line.

Though still growing, Colleen’s business is still very unpredictable. On a typical day, she fulfills approximately four orders, but with a flurry of social media activity, she can receive up to 30 orders per day.

Most recently, Wearable Planter had a post go viral on Tumblr — reposted more than 10,000 times. Colleen was able to easily fulfill the influx of orders, despite not having any existing inventory on hand. By using her 3-D printer to create products and Endicia’s technology to quickly create shipping labels and send email notifications to customers, Colleen was able to meet the increase in demand and let her customers know their items were on their way.

Endicia software helps Colleen identify the most affordable USPS shipping option for each package, allowing Wearable Planter to save money with every package that’s shipped. Ninety-five percent of Wearable Planter’s orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. Plus, Endicia provides USPS address verification and the ability to add the Wearable Planter logo to all shipping labels.

Additionally, Endicia supports Colleen’s growing international shipping needs. With 25 percent of her orders going to customers outside the United States, Colleen is able to take advantage of Endicia’s integrated shipping label and prefilled customs form. This means Colleen simply inputs her customer data and Endicia chooses the right form (based on the destination country) and automatically fills in the proper fields.

“Endicia has really helped my business save time by automating the label-making process,” said Colleen Jordan, owner of Wearable Planter. “That means I get to spend more time designing new products — and even being a guest reviewer for my professor’s class.”

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