Weleda North America Saves $20,000 a Year with the USPS and Endicia

“Since we offer customers highly anticipated health products and medicine, package tracking is our No. 1 priority. With the USPS and Endicia, we can provide end-to-end tracking to customers while still saving money on shipping.”

Arun John-Thomas

Operations and Logistics Assistant

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Weleda North America’s Shipping Need

Devoted to providing natural health and beauty products to customers around the world, Weleda works in harmony with the values of anthroposophy, which sees the body, mind and spirit as intrinsically linked to our world. As a result, Weleda produces lotions, soaps and creams that heal and restore balance without using synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

As part of the shipping and logistics team for Weleda North America, Arun John-Thomas works at Weleda’s New York office, fulfilling direct-to-consumer orders that come through Weleda’s website. The most important part of his job is identifying affordable shipping options for customers — especially options that provide high-visibility tracking, so that customers know the destination of their products every step of the way.

Upon learning that the USPS offered advanced tracking options (with up to 11 scan events per package), the Weleda logistics team decided to re-examine their shipping mix, and started seeking a solution that would seamlessly integrate USPS shipping into their process.

Endicia’s Solution

Arun’s colleague heard about Endicia through a U.S. Postal Service rep and soon signed the company up. Since then, the time and cost savings on package shipments have been eye-opening.

Not only does Endicia provide access to discounted USPS rates and tracking services, it also allows Weleda to email shipment notifications to customers so that they can easily track their packages, giving them peace of mind and eliminating time consuming calls to customer service.

The Weleda team has also been able to save roughly $20,000 a year just by switching to the USPS. Using USPS Regional Rate Box A, the Weleda team can ship up to 15 pounds across the U.S. for under $12. Now, the USPS accounts for 80 percent of the New York office’s shipments.

Arun appreciates Endicia’s batch printing options, which allows his team to print large quantities of shipping labels all at once instead of one at a time. This feature expedites the entire shipping process — especially during peak seasons. Endicia supports Weleda as orders increase an average of 300 percent during the Black Friday weekend.

Arun also saves time on international orders, since Endicia prefills the customs forms for every package. Endicia’s software chooses the right customs form based on where the package is being shipped, so the Weleda team does not have to spend time deciding which form to use. Weleda ships five to 10 international packages every week.

“Endicia identifies the most cost-effective shipping option with every order, and has helped make our switch to the USPS a seamless transition, saving us some serious cash in the process,” Arun says, “As Weleda continues to spread its passion for beauty and wellness around the world, we have peace of mind knowing that Endicia can support our growth.”

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