Yan Can Cook Improved its Workflow

“Endicia has cut our order processing time in half, compared to UPS online, the U.S. Postal Service® online, and FedEx, and it has reduced our shipping costs by roughly 60%. Plus, we have increased sales, bettered our customer service, and improved our shipping records, having eliminated the need to log shipments as all transactions are recorded online.”

Tara Lee

Office Manager of Yan Can Cook, Inc.

Yan Can Cook
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Yan Can Cook

Yan Can Cook’s Need

Founded in 1977 by Master Chef Martin Yan, Yan Can Cook, Inc. strives to increase global appreciation of Asian cooking and culture. The company does so, with a staff of less than 10, by promoting and supporting Chef Yan in his endeavors, from hosting cooking shows that are broadcast internationally, acting as a food consultant, serving as a culinary instructor; and authoring cookbooks. Yan Can Cook ships cookbooks via USPS® Media Mail, which accounts for roughly 2/3 of all mail volume. It also ships approximately 24% of its mail pieces internationally (mainly with Priority Mail International®). Yan Can Cook needed a shipping solution to print customizable shipping labels and manage shipping costs.

Endicia’s Solution

Yan Can Cook has been an Endicia customer since April 2005. Yan Can Cook, Inc., which used to rely on UPS because of its tracking capabilities, now uses the U.S. Postal Service® for 90% of its shipping due to USPS Tracking (formerly Delivery Confirmation) and the overall reliability of the postal system. The fulfillment operation uses the clipboard feature to process shipping addresses through Endicia and uses three printers to print half-sheet labels customized with the Yan Can Cook logo and address. It further integrates Endicia into its workflow by using the software to access shipping costs and provide shipping quotes while callers are still on the phone, resulting in better customer service and reduced costs.

Yan Can Cook, Inc. also uses key Endicia features, such as label customization, email notification, address validation, and Stealth (hidden) Postage. Label customization adds the Yan Can Cook logo to labels, which helps greatly in branding the company. Email notifications alert customers that their orders are on their way to provide excellent customer service and decrease call volume. Endicia's address validation compares each shipping address to the USPS® national Zip+4 database to obtain the correct 9-digit Zip Code. The system also corrects other common address errors (e.g., spelling corrections, formatting, and abbreviations) to increase the successful delivery of each order. Stealth Postage allows the company to hide the shipping fee so that it can charge fair shipping and handling fees without angering customers.

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