Endicia allows ZombieRunner to offer low-cost USPS shipping options to their customers

“Our shipping is much more efficient now that we have integrated Endicia with our order management software. What used to take hours of time in cutting and pasting is now completed in just a couple of clicks.”

Don Lundell

ZombieRunner Founder

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ZombieRunner’s Need

With hundreds of orders being shipped a day, ZombieRunner needed an electronic postage provider that could easily integrate with their existing order processing system, save time, and streamline shipping and tracking so they could focus on selling products and making customers happy.

“Our old electronic postage company wasn’t compatible with our other e-commerce software and couldn’t be integrated,.” says Don. “We wasted hours of time cutting and pasting shipping information. And, when customers called to ask about the status of their orders, we had to sift through email trails to try and find the right shipping information.”

Endicia’s Solution

Since upgrading their electronic postage to Endicia in 2010, ZombieRunner has been able to integrate its shipping and order processing, save significant time, enhance customer satisfaction, and focus on expanding its business.

Endicia can be integrated into more than 150 e-commerce applications, so ZombieRunner eliminated the need for duplicate information entry. Endicia’s streamlined shipment tracking makes it easy and fast to provide accurate information to customers inquiring about their online orders — no matter who answers the phone. Endicia also enables ZombieRunner to take advantage of the convenience and savings that the U.S. Postal Service® provides without ever having to leave their store.

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