What Is Endicia?

USPS Shipping Software for E-commerce sellers, retailers and warehouses

Endicia is an online shipping solution that allows e‑commerce sellers, retailers and warehouses to simplify the parcel shipping process. Endicia makes it easier and more affordable to ship packages using the U.S. Postal Service, offering access to all USPS shipping services with rate discounts up to 40% off Post Office rates.

  • Get discounted USPS rates (up to 40% lower domestically and 5% lower internationally) with no minimum volume requirements
  • Built‑in address validation eliminates undeliverable parcels due to an incomplete address
  • Automate repetitive and mundane tasks with easy to set up shipping rules
  • Import orders from marketplaces or shopping carts
  • Ship internationally with electronic customs and global address verification
Get Started Endicia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Auctane, is a leading provider of internet‑based postage services for e‑commerce businesses of all sizes.

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