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About DAZzle

When you sign up for an Endicia Professional account, you download the Endicia Professional Suite installer, which includes Endicia DAZzle, Endicia Professional, and DYMO Printable Postage. Please note that to run Endicia Professional, you must also have installed Endicia DAZzle.

DAZzle allows you to design shipping labels, and buy and print postage for your letters and packages from your PC. If you are using the Premium or Professional service, you can integrate DAZzle into your order management system so that you can fulfill orders. You can also use DAZzle to purchase discounted shipping insurance and request postage refunds.

If you are new to DAZzle, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with DAZzle, such as:

To install DAZzle download and install the Endicia ProfessionalSuite.



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