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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers appear in the following sections:


ClosedQ: What does Endicia (en-DEE-shyah) mean?


ClosedQ: How do I check for application updates?


The Basics

ClosedQ: Which mail class should I use?


ClosedQ: How do I know which mailpiece to select?


ClosedQ: What is a mailpiece and which one should I select?


ClosedQ: Do I need to enter a weight?


ClosedQ: Are Printable Postage postage stamps real USPS postage?


ClosedQ: How much postage should I use?


ClosedQ: Do the postage stamp labels expire once you print on them?


Postage Payments and Refunds

ClosedQ: How do I pay for the postage that I print?


ClosedQ: How can I add postage funds to my account?


ClosedQ: Is my postage money and credit card information safe?


ClosedQ: Can I get a refund for misprinted postage labels?


ClosedQ: I have unused 2-cent postage stamps that I bought from the Post Office the last time there was a price rise. Can I mix and match USPS postage stamps with Printable Postage?


International Shipping

ClosedQ: What is required for international shipments or mail to APO/FPO or DPO addresses?



ClosedQ: Can I use my old InstaPostage sheets?


ClosedQ: Can I use third-party postage sheets?


ClosedQ: Do I have to use the DYMO Printable Postage Stamp Sheets to print postage?


ClosedQ: Where can I buy more sheets or rolls?


ClosedQ: How can I get a discount on DYMO Printable Postage Stamp Sheets and DYMO Stamps Postage Label rolls?


ClosedQ: How do I get USPS Flat-Rate envelopes and boxes for the flat-rate postage I print?


Printers and Printing

ClosedQ: Which printers can I use?


ClosedQ: How do I set up the application for a DYMO LabelWriter Twin Turbo printer?


ClosedQ: How do I use the DYMO Printable Postage Stamp Sheets?


ClosedQ: How do I print a make-up postage stamp?


ClosedQ: I have cut my sheet on the perforation line. Can I still print on the sheet?


ClosedQ: Can I use my sheets to print a few postage stamps at a time?


ClosedQ: Can I print Priority Mail International or Priority Mail Express International?


Activation Codes

ClosedQ: Why do I need to enter Activation Codes for my postage stamp sheets?


ClosedQ: How do I get Activation Codes?


ClosedQ: Can I share my postage stamp sheets with another user?

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