Endicia Allows Goat Milk Stuff to Effortlessly Keep Up with Customer Demand

“After our appearance on The Today Show and The Doctors, we experienced a massive spike in sales. Endicia easily supported the influx of orders, freeing up our time to focus on just being a family.”

PJ Jonas

Founder and CEO, Goat Milk Stuff

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Goat Milk Stuff

Goat Milk Stuff’s Shipping Need

PJ Jonas, husband Jim and their eight homeschooled children first began soap making as a hobby. It was a way to connect with one another, use resources available on their family farm and explore all-natural alternatives to store-bought, chemical-based soaps. But when faced with pressing financial strains, the Jonas’ decided to turn their hobby into a fully-fledged, family-run business. Thus, in 2008, Goat Milk Stuff was born.

From milking the goats to packaging the soaps, all hands (no matter how small) are a part of making this business a success. And with special, personalized touches — such as hand-drawn thank you notes from the children — it was not long before Goat Milk Stuff’s popularity began to soar.

But with increasing customer orders, the company’s basic shipping service could no longer keep up. PJ needed a solution that was easy enough for her kids to use and scalable for fast growth.

Endicia's Solution

PJ found an answer in Endicia, which allows her to increase the efficiency and speed of shipping. What was once a time-consuming process — consisting of printing each label by hand — became an automated, simple and effortless task. The result? More free time to focus on just being a family.

The Jonas’ appreciate Endicia’s easily accessible customer service as well as its scalability. Following appearances on The Doctors and The Today Show, and a profile in Oprah Magazine among others, Goat Milk Stuff experienced an order influx of 300 percent, tripling its business quickly. But with Endicia’s software in place, the family was able to keep up with this demand and get their orders out on time. As PJ says, “Endicia makes it easy for my business to accommodate the spikes in orders Goat Milk Stuff receives.”

Goat Milk Stuff uses U.S. Postal Service® (USPS®) Flat Rate shipping so package weight is not an issue. The company even customizes its soap bars specifically to fit into USPS shipping boxes.

With USPS and Endicia, PJ has the peace of mind she needs to keep the family business running. She now also has the time to promote Goat Milk Stuff’s brand across the United States, strategize for expansion, and — most importantly — enjoy her husband, eight children and bevy of goats.

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