Xero Shoes Uses Endicia to Keep Up With 1,757% Increase in Demand

“Being able to have our systems in place and have things like automated shipping was a real benefit for us in handling the massive onslaught of traffic that we got after being featured on Shark Tank.”

Lena Phoenix

COO of Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes - Original Barefootware
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Xero Shoes product

Xero Shoes’ Shipping Need

Husband and wife team Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix formed Xero Shoes in 2009 to introduce the benefits of barefoot running to the world. The Boulder, Colorado-based business sells its specialized huaraches primarily through its website and additionally through select retailers across the globe. As serial entrepreneurs, the duo knew they needed a smart and intuitive shipping solution from day one. Steven and Lena needed a service that would free up time, enable international shipping and offer customers the fastest, most cost-effective options. They also needed something that would allow them to scale up quickly, especially after their product was featured on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank.

Endicia’s Solution

Xero Shoes turned to Endicia, finding a solution by an Endicia partner. The easy software integration and batch printing options — coupled with Endicia’s fast label printing — helped Xero Shoes cut its shipping time by roughly 70%. It also allowed them to begin shipping First Class Mail, passing on a significant cost savings to customers.

What used to be a cut-and-paste task turned into an automated process and gave Xero Shoes the resources to keep up with increased product demand. After being featured on Shark Tank, Xero Shoes went from receiving 20 to 100 orders-per-day to 2,600 in a week. Endicia technology allowed them to meet this demand and fulfill orders the same week they were received.

Xero Shoes ships almost exclusively through USPS, offering First Class, Priority and Priority Mail Express options to its customers as well as flat rate boxes and international shipping. International orders are an integral part of Xero Shoes’ business, comprising approximately 13% of shipments. Xero Shoes relies on Endicia technology which allows them to easily scale and fulfill these orders using integrated international shipping labels and automated customs forms.

With the company’s brand equity rising at a rapid speed, Steven Sashen anticipates significant near-term and long-term growth and sees Endicia’s scalable shipping solutions as essential to the company’s global expansion.

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