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Set Up Endicia Professional

The following Steps summarize how to set up Endicia Professional, including several optional setup procedures. Each step includes a link to more detailed instructions.


  1. Set up data sources, which includes establishing the data source connection and creating a SELECT statement.
  2. Connect the data fields using the Source Data Map and the Batch Print Data Map.
  3. Edit, troubleshoot, and verify SQL statements that Endicia Professional uses to retrieve shipping order information.
  4. Optional: Use Rubber Stamp fields to print additional fields on labels.
  5. Optional: Set up mail class automation codes to associate your USPS mail class codes with USPS mail classes.
  6. Optional: Set up tracking service automation codes to automatically change to the desired tracking service, such as USPS Tracking, E-DelCon, and Signature Confirmation.
  7. Optional: Set up data post-back to send updated shipping data back to your database.
  8. Optional: Configure automatic data post-back.
  9. Optional: Set up profiles to save your preferences and settings.
  10. Configure a weight scale.
  11. Optional: Set up the customs data map.

After you have set up Endicia Professional, you can set up DAZzle label layouts.



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