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About Postage Options

In the Postage Options dialog box or the Postage Printing Options dialog or both, you can specify a variety of postage options.

The available tabs vary according to the type of layout, media, service, and address (foreign or domestic) of your mailpiece.

Topics in this section include:

Set Up Postage Account

Using USPS Special Services

Package Services

Access Postage Options

About the Rate Tab

About the Packaging Advisor

Access the Packaging Advisor

About the Adult Signature Tab

Specify Adult Signature

About the Business Reply Mail Tab

About Business Reply Mail

Create a Business Reply Mail Layout

Print Business Reply Mail

About the Certified Mail Tab

Specify Certified Mail

About the Collect on Delivery (COD) Tab

Specify Collect on Delivery

About the Corrections Tab

Guidelines: Submitting Corrections

Print a Date Correction

Print a Postage Amount Correction

About the USPS Tracking Tab

About USPS Tracking

Enable USPS Tracking

About the Sender Information Tab

About the E-Delivery Confirmation Tab

About the Endicia Tab

About the Priority Mail Express Options Tab

About the Hold for Pickup Service

Specify Contact for Hold for Pickup Mailpieces

About the Permit Tab

About the Premium Options Tab

Hide Your Postage Amout Using Stealth Postage

About the Registered Mail Tab

Specify Registered Mail Service

About the Restricted Delivery Tab

Specify Restricted Delivery

About the Return Receipt Tab

Specify Return Receipt

About the Sender Information Tab

About the Signature Confirmation Tab

Specify Signature Confirmation

About the Special Contents Tab

About Priority Mail Over 16 Ounces



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