Integrated Partners

Connected Business (formerly Interprise Solutions)

Partner Since: August 2012

Platform: Windows

A Completely Integrated Solution

A fully integrated solution designed for Retail, eCommerce, Distribution and everything in between. Connected Business handles business processes from beginning to end, greatly reducing data redundancy and increasing the efficiency throughout the entire organization. Unlike separate systems that require costly integration, Connected Business includes all of the most commonly used business processes in one easy to use solution.

Connected Business' integrated approach not only allows you to upgrade without the fear of breaking separate disparate systems, but significantly reduces ongoing training costs by using the same, intuitive user interface across the modules.

Bring all of your departments into one system.
Reduce inefficiency and promote corporate synergy.

Includes: Accounting, eCommerce, Point of Sale, CRM, Customer, Supplier, Banking, Shipping and Receiving, Inventory, Reports, Business Intelligence and more.

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