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Partner Since: July 2011

Platform: Other

DRIPS was specifically designed for B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business), Catalog, Distributors, Pick / Pack and Fulfillment companies to automate and streamline their entire their operation. For order processing, credit card processing, invoicing, pick and pack, kitting, fulfillment, shipment, inventory management and customer service, nothing compares to the power of DRIPS. As a total solution DRIPS can handle the volume of individual companies or high volume fulfillment companies with unlimited number of clients. The focus of DRIPS is to be able to change the behavior of the software by modifying the database driving it. This is accomplished with file maintenance objects, which allow the user to change the software’s functionality with the click of a mouse. Defining Campaigns, selecting payment processors, enabling many capabilities all with a few simple clicks to turn functions on or off. The administrator has the ability to generate user menus to allow users access to the powerful features of DRIPS based on their individual requirements. Orders can be processed from many different sources with import modules available for many call centers and other sources.

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