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Platform: Web

Easy USPS Shipping via Endicia

The WebShopApps USPS Shipping via Endicia extension gives you access to the benefits of USPS services powered by Endicia right from your Magneto Admin Panel. You can offer your customers live USPS rates or use flat rates via another extension and generate USPS shipping labels via Endicia on the fly from the Admin Panel you already know. Ship & Track with the Same Extension Along with generating USPS shipping labels via Endicia, you’ll also be able to track your shipments directly from the order management screen in Magento. Your customers will also receive live tracking updates along with their order information. This reduces all those “where’s my order” customer service calls by proactively giving your customers the information they even ask. Manage your Endicia Account from Inside Magento Reduce the complication of managing shipping from multiple places. Right from your Magento Admin Panel you’ll be able to see your Endicia account balance, reset your passphrase, or top up your Endicia account saving you valuable time and effort.

Extension Features

  • Retrieve live USPS shipping rates via Endicia  
  • Manage your Endicia account balance from the Magento Admin Panel
  • Generate Endicia shipping labels for your orders even when charging flat rates or table rates for shipping
  • Track shipments from the Magento Admin Panel
  • Give customer access to tracking from their order page

Click here to sign up for an Endicia Label Server account

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