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Set Up Optional Features

Topics in this section include:

About Rubber Stamp Fields

Set Up Mail Class Automation Codes

About Automated Box Selection

Create a Package Dimension—Box Size Name

Set Up Tracking Service Automation Codes

Set Up Returns Shipping Labels

Set Up Profiles

About Profiles

Create a Profile

Edit a Profile Name

Set Up Sales Order or Sales Receipt Profiles

Delete a Profile

Set Up Default Group Code

About Supported Weight Scales

Configure a Connected Postal Weight Scale

Set Up QuickBooks for Use with Endicia Professional

About Priority Mail Open and Distribute

Set Up Priority Mail Open and Distribute for Batch Printing

Specify Default PMOD Container for Order Lookup

Set Up Customs Forms

About Integrated Customs Forms

Enable or Disable Customs Forms and Options

About the Customs Forms Data Map

Set Up the Customs Form Data Map

Enable Consolidator Mail Classes and Services

Display or Hide USPS or Consolidator Mail Classes

Set Up Endicia Global Service

About Endicia Global Service

Sign Up for and Configure Endicia Global Service

Enable Endicia Global Service Mail Class

Set Up Web Store Integration

Add a Web Store

Rename a Web Store

Reauthorize a Web Store

Remove a Web Store

Turn Off Optional Service Fees After Printing



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